Thousands of people attended the religious event in Murshidabad by disobeying lockdown! Watch that viral video


Bangla Hunt Desk: The number of people suffering from coronas is increasing throughout the country. New corona virus cases have been found recently. So far 4 coronas have been infected all over India. Of which the active case is 1. Of these, 1 was healed and 25 died. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown for 20 days to prevent coronary infection in the country. The speculation is on how long the new lockdown will be extended.

In Odisha and Punjab, lockdown deadline has been extended till April 7. The number of people suffering from coronas has increased in the country after the Tabligh Jamaat case of Morocco in Delhi came to the fore. Of these, Telangana has the highest number of cases. However, till now the number of those affected has crossed Maharashtra in the corona infected states.

On the other hand, the country is completely banned from any religious, social and political gathering. Nevertheless, some people continue to ignore this lockdown and the horror of Corona. And today's latest case comes from Murshidabad district. Hundreds of people gathered in the mosque to offer prayers at the mosque, disregarding the lockdown, disregarding the horror of Corona.


All the laws were violated in this religious gathering in the Gopipur area of ​​Barchana district of Murshidabad. The social distance is far from over. No one even had a cloth on his face. Police at Kandi police reached the spot and dispersed the crowd. According to the police, they left the mosque. The Imam then announced that everyone should be sitting at home praying as long as the lockdown continued. After the incident, activity was spread all over Murshidabad.

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