Thousands of spectators are watching football matches in Belarus, even in the wake of the Corona terror.


Right now, when different countries have been affected by the Corona virus. The Football League is still running smoothly in Belarus. Already 2929 people have been affected in Belarus for Corona, 29 people have died. Yet, the Belarusian government has not yet taken any drastic decision in this regard. Amidst the panic, Belarus played Dynamo Brest FC vs FC Minsk on Sunday. And more than a thousand supporters attended the stadium to watch the match. And the World Health Organization has expressed concern over this scenario in this difficult situation around the world.

Right now the whole world is stunned for the Corona virus. Belarus is the only country in Europe where people from different countries of the world are spending days in captivity. The Belarus Football League is still running smoothly, despite all sports being shut down all over the world. The Belarus Football Federation has been informed that there are no plans to close our Football League at this time.

The Belarus Football Federation announced that they would continue the league in empty galleries without shutting down the Football League because of the horror of Corona across the country. But even if they say it in the face, they do not really obey it. Thousands of spectators are now appearing at the stadium to watch every match in the Belarus Football League. And he does not obey any of the rules issued by Hu. He is sitting next to each other watching the match and enjoying the joy of being with each other after winning the match.

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