Three accused arrested in Raj Chakraborty scam


Banglahunt Desk: Once again, the name of director Raj Chakraborty (raj chakraborty) was accused of cheating on social media. There have been allegations of financial fraud by opening a fake Facebook profile in the name of this Tollywood director. Some people have been caught by the police to lodge a complaint with Kasba police station.

According to media sources, a fake profile was opened in the name of Raj Chakraborty on Facebook and the news of the audition of the popular child actor of Bangla serial was given there. After seeing the post and thinking the profile was the director's, many went to audition with their sons and daughters.

Later, some of them were contacted from that fake profile. It is said that if you give money, you will get the opportunity to act in the serial. It is learned that some parents then contacted the channel authorities mentioned in the post.

After hearing their allegations, the channel authorities informed Raj about the whole matter. Raj took the phone number of the fake person from those parents and trapped them with his team. They were called and talked to the parents. Under pressure, the fraudsters admitted everything.

After that, Raj Chakraborty lodged a written complaint with Kasba police station on Saturday. Police arrested Swarnali Ghosh, Raju Nath and Deepak Kundu. Raj has warned everyone not to step on anyone's hat on social media. He does not chat privately with anyone. So be careful from the hands of these fake people.

Even before this, a fake account was created in the name of Raj to trap girls in love. Raj immediately warned the fans to get the news. It is learned that a fake account in the name of Raj Chakraborty was opened in the dating app called 'Tantan'. Not only that, verified tags are added to the account to make the matter more credible. The fake account is able to attract the attention of the female fans of the director in a natural way.

The story begins with the girls. And thanks to being a dating app, the 'juicy' story continues freely. The director immediately warned the fans on social media after learning the news.

Sharing a screenshot of a woman’s conversation with that fake account, she wrote, ‘I found a Verified Fake profile on a dating app called Tantan. That's not me, there are many such profiles around. I try to make you aware as much as possible. '