Three hundred rupees is being paid for going to the BJP procession, Nusrat alleged by tweeting the video


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The Trinamool BJP is not willing to give up a single drop of land to anyone before the Assembly elections. And under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, MP Nusrat Jahan is not giving up firing on the Gerua camp. This time he alleged that the BJP was gathering people at the meeting with the bait of money.

Nusrat tweeted a video. One person was heard saying that three hundred rupees was being paid for going to the BJP procession. The man said they did not go to the procession but some people did. Nusrat tweeted, “They are being taken away with more money than the number of people in the BJP procession.” Watch the video to see how the people of Bengal have rejected the bank politics of these foreigners.

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Last but not least, Nusrat retweeted a tweet from BJP’s IT cell chief Amit Malvadhya. Amit Malvadhya wrote in his tweet that Bande Mataram Dhwani will not let PC sleep today. Again with the hashtag he wrote, ‘Bangla with Didi’. With this tweet of Amit, Nusrat drew everyone’s attention to the hashtag and said that this time BJP Satyavi said.

Nusrat also tweeted a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting on the same day. He claimed that the Prime Minister was giving a speech using a teleprompter. They are repeatedly proving that the BJP is external, that is what Nusrat said.