Three years later, Abdul Majed, the killer of Bangabandhu, was arrested

One of the deadliest political assassinations has even shaken our minds today. The father of the nation and the founding president of the nation Mujibur Rahman was murdered in the family. The day was August 8, the 5th.

Dhaka police do not want to know where this most wanted Bangladeshi was for almost four and a half decades. Abdul Majed, one of the murderer's army officers, was arrested in Dhaka for the first five years of the incident.

Many of those absconding, many are missing, and some have been hanged. The accused Majed is also accused of hanging. The Bangladeshi government did not want to say where it was for a long time.

However, he did not know where the Kolkata was. He was questioned after apprehending him on Tuesday night.

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