Thrilling scene: Video of two tigers fighting in the jungle goes viral on Netdunia

BanglaHunt Desk: Wildlife videos are going viral on the net these days. The videos that went viral at the speed of the storm sometimes add to the laughter of the netizens, and sometimes some horrible videos make the hair stand on end. However, a similar video has recently gone viral on social media in large numbers, which has shocked netizens on mobile screens.

The video shows two striped tigers (tigers) walking on either side of the sanctuary. At first sight, a tourist was capturing the scene on his camera. Suddenly a head-on collision broke out between the two tigers. Encouraged, the tourist did not turn off the camera but captured the whole scene.

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It was seen that they jumped on each other terribly. A fierce clash broke out between the two tigers in the sanctuary. There is also the roar of the tiger. After watching this horrible video, some people got fed up. However, the exact location of this video is not known.

Indian Forest Service officer Praveen Kaswan shared the thrilling video from his Twitter account. He also writes, ‘Clash of the titans. Only in India. One of the things to show. Got it from WhatsApp. '