Tiger or kitten! Royal Bengal Tiger lying on the lap of a young man and eating caress, a viral video

Viral video: How many videos are viral every day. Just as many videos go viral on social media, so do many videos that go viral. The video that has gone viral on social media recently has been flooded with such indescribable joy.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. This video shows a huge Royal Bengal Tiger. That is lying on the lap of a young man. The young man is caressing her chest with his hand. And the tiger got a lot of fun. He was seen gently biting the young man's hand several times.

Everyone who breeds cats and dogs knows that animals love to caress in this way. But what this young man is doing is unique in one word. Needless to say, it takes terrible courage to caress a tiger in such a way. Even netizens can't think that they have ever seen a tiger eating like this. Many people say that cats are similar to the tiger's caress. She can get some habits of aunt.

This video went viral after being posted on social media Facebook. The caption of the video reads “belly rub time”. More than 7 million netizens have already watched this viral video.