Tikli on her head, Modern bride Trina in jeans-sweater with vermilion on her forehead, viral video of her dancing to Hindi songs


Banglahunt Desk: Tikli on the head, vermilion on the scalp, sandalwood kalka painted on the forehead Meanwhile, wearing jeans and a sweater. Modern bride Trina Saha appeared in such a look. She danced to the tune of a charming Hindi song dressed as a bride. To share that video on social media is to go viral.

Trina, a popular actress of Bangla serial, was seen swinging her waist to the beat of popular Hindi song 'Dhatin Nach'. Next year, she will marry another actor, Neel Bhattacharya. Don't be surprised to see Trina dressed as a bride before that. In fact, this marriage is humming. Trina is seen playing the role of Gungun in the serial 'Kharakuto'.

Trina has been seen making videos of the bride before. His two nandas in the companion serial. The two of them put Gungun to decorate together. But he can't bear the murmur of restless nature. He does not want to dress like a bride. Rather, he is quite annoyed by the tension between the two nuns. But then his bride must be punished.

From time to time, Trina used to share reel videos on social media. He recently shared a video to the tune of another Hindi song. Not only that, he is also seen shooting a video with his future groom Neel. I can't wait to tell you that the two of them are having a lot of fun.

In a recent interview with an all-India news outlet, Neel and Trina said that they are getting married on February 4 next year. Neel said that he had a conversation with Trina in 2011. That year, on Friendship Day, the two of them go on a disco. But at that time they were just good friends. Love started much later. Neel Trina said in the interview, in 2017 they can understand each other's weakness. Trinai even proposed first love on Neel's birthday.

The love story of the two started from then. The two have also traveled abroad together. The two stars shared those pictures and videos on social media. Neel said that Trina also reached Thailand once to surprise him. However, Neel Trina said that she prefers Greece for the honeymoon.