Tiktok is returning to India! Microsoft and Walmart sparked speculation


BanglaHunt Desk: Tiktok is returning to the Indian market, such is the recent speculation in Tekdunia. Courtesy of two US tech giants Walmart and Microsoft. It is known that these two companies are going to buy Tiktak

The Indian government shut down 59 apps made in China. They were accused of stealing personal information of Indian customers But with the change of ownership, TickTock will no longer have Chinese apps. As a result, there was speculation that his return to the Indian market would not be a problem.

It has been heard for a long time that one of the US tech giants can buy a Chinese ticket. That rumor is true that two US tech giants Microsoft and Walmart are buying TickTock.

Microsoft is already ready to buy TickTock, now another US company Walmart has also announced its decision to buy this app with Microsoft. If these companies are bought, it may be possible for Tiktak to return to India very soon.

Shares of Walmart have skyrocketed on the news that Microsoft is going to buy Walmart ticks. New York rose 3.6 percent to ৫ 135.46. The Wall Street Journal said in a report that ByteDance could ask for $ 30 billion for Tightcock's U.S. business.

Incidentally, US President Donald Trump has ordered a ban on TickTock, so that its parent company, Batdance, must sell its US activities to an American company within 90 days.

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