Tips for Styling Formal Leather Shoes for Men

Formal leather shoes exude a timeless appeal. They can complement your outfit and enhance your appearance. Whether it is a board meeting, job interview, wedding, formal dinner, or any other event that demands you to wear refined footwear, you can always depend on a pair of leather shoes for men to help out.

To make maximum impact with your leather shoes, you need to wear them well. This is where styling comes into focus. Like other essential accessories of menswear, leather shoes can also be styled to enhance your personality. Not sure how to go about it? Don’t worry, for we are here to guide you.

Let’s look at how you can style leather shoes for men to create a great impression wherever you go.   

Oxford Shoes

Oxfords are among the most sophisticated dress shoes. These sleek leather shoes with low heels and integrated laces carry an elegant look. While these shoes come in a range of neutral shades, brown and black are preferred.

Oxfords are ideal for teaming up with your formal trousers when you want to be impeccably dressed in formal attire. To flaunt a smart casual look, you can pair your Oxford shoes with chinos. Just select basic colours for each item, and you can have a well-coordinated outfit. 

You can also wear these formal shoes for men with jeans. A pair of blue jeans can look smart with tan Oxfords. If you are inclined towards black or brown Oxfords, opt for a darker shade of jeans, such as black or indigo. Complete your look with a button-up shirt.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are also known as formal boots. These lace-up boots resemble dress shoes in appearance. They have a classy appeal and ensure style, comfort, and durability. Consider a pair of fashionable Chelsea, Chukka, or Wingtip boots in leather to add an extra edge to your well-groomed look. 

To create a sophisticated look, dress boots can be styled with formal outfits, professional business attire, and smart casuals. You can wear your dress boots with a suit and dress pants, a shirt and jeans, or a button-down and chinos to style your look in different impressive ways.

Brogue boots in brown or black can go well with your black or navy suits and lend you a formal enough look. Black or dark brown leather boots will be a cool choice to match your semi-formal or professional business attire. For a more relaxed casual look, you can wear a pair of dark denim with your classy dress boots in any colour.    

Derby Shoes

Leather derby shoes have a polished, masculine, traditional look, but they are less formal than an Oxford. You can match these leather shoes for men with your formal outfits and smart casuals and casual ensembles. Whether you are headed for the office, an event, a meeting, a dinner, or even a casual get-together, these leather shoes can work for you.

You can go with a sleek pair of dark brown or black leather derbies for formal occasions. Pair up with a shirt, a well-tailored suit, and a tie to complete the look.


The Monk-strap is among the most versatile dress shoes. An intermediate formal shoe, it can be dressy while simultaneously exuding a relaxed vibe. These shoes come with single and double clasp designs instead of laces. Since they attract much attention, they are appropriate for wearing to office functions and special events.

Monk-Straps team up well with business casual and casual outfits. They also make a great match with less formal business attire, such as grey and navy suits, blazers, and tweeds. But steer clear of wearing them with a tuxedo, tailcoat, or morning coat.     

You can use them to dress up your neutral-toned outfit with a splash of colour or dress down your appearance with a pair of jeans for a casual occasion. When it comes to picking a colour, brown is a safe choice for Monk-straps. Take care to match the clasp colour with the colour of your wristwatch, belt buckle, cufflinks, and tie bar.


Loafers are nothing short of a menswear staple. Also known as bellies, these shoes marry high fashion with relaxed comfort to create a unique style. Since these shoes have no lace or fastenings, they can be easily worn or taken off. Due to this quality, they are called slip-on shoes as well.

When you need to style up your formal bellies crafted out of leather, you can go for a casual suit. Wear them with a cotton blazer, fitted pants, or a well-tailored linen suit. Whether it is the suit or the both have dark colours and simple details. Avoid wearing a neck-tie or long socks with these shoes. Your formal bellies can also work well with your semi-formal attires or business travel outfits. 

In Conclusion

Every man must include a few pairs of classy formal leather shoes in his shoe collection. And when you are up to this task, make sure to select pairs that tick the boxes for style, class, quality, and versatility. Remember that the right pair of leather shoes for men can instantly uplift any look.