To counter Corona, a whole stadium in Mumbai was taken.


At the moment, the number of coronary infections is increasing in India, with the highest number of coroners in India being affected in Maharashtra. Maharashtra already has over 1200 people affected by coronas, and already 72 people have died in Maharashtra due to coronas. In such a situation a major challenge to the Maharashtra government is to provide suitable quarantine. The municipality has decided that the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Stadium in Mumbai should be used as a quarantine center for the increasing number of coronary attacks in Mumbai.

From then on, all the people suspected of being coroners in Mumbai will be kept at this stadium. But why was this stadium chosen from other stadiums? The reason for this is that the municipality has at this time declared Koliwada as the coroner hotspot in Mumbai, and it is very close to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, which is why the stadium is named as the Coroner's Quarantine Center.

Mazhar Nadiwala, who is in charge of managing the stadium, said that right now Mumbai and Maharashtra are going through a difficult situation for the Corona virus. And that's why the municipality has decided that the stadium has been chosen as the Corona Convention Center, with 300 beds built here. The stadium will house the suspects, who are originally exposed to the victims.

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