To please Shanidev, chant the mantra according to the zodiac sign, you will be liberated from Shanidosh


BanglaHunt Desk: Everyone wants to get rid of the wrath of Shanideb, the giver of karma. In the life of many, this phase of Saturn takes a terrible form. Liberation is not possible in anything. But if it is seen as a sign, then if you follow some rules, all those people can feel happiness even if it is a little bit in life.

As for the different rules for people of different zodiac signs.

Taurus– If people of this zodiac sign donate gram and molasses every Saturday, then you can get rid of the guilt of Saturn.

Cancer– People in Cancer can get a lot of benefits if they feed a dog bread every Saturday.

Aries– Salt and oil must be donated on Saturday, to the people of Aries.

Leo– People in the sign of Leo should meditate in any old age home as much as they can. In addition, grain and water for the birds should be kept out of the house every Saturday or at any time.

Sagittarius– People of this zodiac sign should also be in the meditation of charity. However, it would be better to do it according to his ability in the ashram on Saturday. In addition to this, the elders also have to be served.

Pisces– Donate money and food to the cowshed on Saturdays and help the needy.

Virgo– Every Saturday, a person born in this zodiac sign should donate rice to a virgin temple or to a poor person.

Aquarius– The poor have to eat sweets and also donate oil to the temple every Saturday.

Gemini– If you donate food and clothes on Saturday, you can get rid of the wrath of God.

Cotton star– People of this zodiac sign should also donate oil to Saturn temple like people of Aquarius zodiac sign and poor people should be fed some sweets.

Capricorn– You can feed the fish by making flour.

Scorpio– Helping needy people as well as feeding birds.