To put pressure on China, Taiwan is celebrating the Hindu holy festival of Diwali in its own country

Bangla Hunt Desk: This year, the Hindu festival of Diwali will be held in Taiwan. Taiwan is all set to host a mega Diwali celebration. The event is being organized by the Taiwanese government. The huge event will be held in the country's capital Taipei. The mega festival is being organized by the India Music and Culture Center in Taipei and an Indian group based in Taiwan. This event will show the cultural glimpses of the two countries. Taiwan's Deputy Foreign Minister TN Chung Kwang will lead the event.

India has recently had a rift with China. And for this reason, Taiwan and India are now working to strengthen their relationship with each other. And that is why this year's Taiwan National Day was fully supported by India. Posters in support of Taiwan were put up at various places in the Indian capital, Delhi. And Taiwan was also trending on social media. At that time, the President of Taiwan also supported the Indians.

A few days ago, the President of Taiwan tweeted about Indian food. In that tweet, he wrote, his favorite Indian food is Chana Masala and Nan. He also recalled his trip to India. Recalling his visit to India, the President of Taiwan described India as ‘a vibrant, diverse and colorful country’. With these words of the President of Taiwan, you can understand how sweet the relations between the two countries are.

The two countries are aiming to strengthen their ties after China's aggressive stance against Taiwan and India. India and China have been at loggerheads over the LAC for months. China, on the other hand, claims Taiwan as part of its territory. They then threatened Indian journalists not to separate Taiwan from China.