To the mother, the child is life: Filling the crocodile's nose with a finger saves the boy from death

BanglaHunt Desk: A mother can give her life for her son if she wants. One such example is a woman from Zimbabwe. At the risk of his own life, he fills his crocodile's nose with his finger and rescues his three-year-old son from the crocodile's throat. The incident took place on the banks of the Rander River near Goranejhou National Park in Zimbabwe.

Maurina Mussiniana, 30, went fishing in the Rander River with her two sons. The boys were fishing under an umbrella by the river. Suddenly he heard screams. He ran and saw the umbrella in the river. And a crocodile is carrying his three-year-old son Gideon in his mouth. Seeing that, without a moment's delay, he went to the crocodile and closed his nose with his finger. As soon as the crocodile's bite became loose, he rescued his son from the crocodile's throat with his other hand. Maurina rescues her young son from the crocodile before it can be dragged into the water.

“I ran away when I heard the screams,” Maurina told a Zimbabwean media outlet. After that I saw a giant crocodile grabbing the boy. I learned from adults that crocodiles lose their strength when they close their noses. I immediately try to close the crocodile's nose with my finger. “

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