Today, 36 years ago, color TV came to India, changed people's lives


BanglaHunt Desk: The first color TV came to India 36 years ago today. Color broadcasting began on April 25, 1982 in India. It started with Madras Chennai. Television (TV) in India started from Delhi on September 15, 1959, but color TV increased the craze of Doordarshan. Color TV was created as a symbol of status for the rich. In November 1972, India hosted the Asian Games and the government broadcast the first edition of the Games. After that the 1980s was called Doordarshan Yuga. During this period, serials like Hum Log (1974), Buniad (196–6), Ramayana (196-8) and Mahabharata (196–69) were aired. During the preaching of Ramayana and Mahabharata there was unannounced curfew situation from village to town.

Daily broadcasting began in 1975. The first service in the history of TV was started in 1936 by the BBC. Two decades later, TV broadcasting began in India with the help of UNESCO. Initially, the programs aired for one hour two days a week, covering topics such as public health, traffic, civil rights, and duties. Daily Doordarshan started broadcasting in 1995. Now more than 90% of India's population watches Doordarshan. Today, Doordarshan broadcasts a total of 21 channels, including 2 national and 11 regional channels. It is the largest broadcaster in the country with 1,416 ground transmitters and 6 studios. Krishna Darshan is the longest program of Doordarshan in the country.

TV has been around for 96 years. The journey of TV is about 96 years. The idiot box, which was once seen as a heavy box nine decades ago, changes the channel in our discourse today. The journey from box, card and fan motor to smart TV in 1924 is quite interesting. Television inventor John Logie Baird often missed school because he was ill as a child. Born in Scotland in August, Baird loved the telephone. Byrd thought that one day people would be able to send pictures through the air. Byrd built the first television in 1924 using a box, a motor with biscuit tin, sewing needles, cards and an electric fan. The Chicago-born Eugene Pauli invented the TV remote control in 1915.

The first advertisement was aired in America. Polly Zenith has worked electronically. The first TV with a remote control came on the market in 1950, with its remote connected to the TV set via cable. TV with full wireless remote control was started in 1955. The world's first commercial advertisement was aired in the United States on July 1, 1941. This ad was given by Watch Creator Bulova. It was broadcast on the WNBT channel before the baseball match. The watch company paid 9 for this 10 second ad. It was displayed in an advertisement with a map of the United States by the Bulova agency. The wording of the company's slogan for the Bulova Time America run was given on the map with a picture of this wall clock.

Shivakumaran presented TV for the first time at an exhibition in Chennai. It was a TV with a cathode-ray tube. Although it was not broadcast through it, it was recognized as the first TV in India.