Today 5% of India's economy restarts, Modi government decides to start work in these sectors


BanglaHunt Desk: Narendra Modi announced at the time of the second round of lockdown announced in India, that economic activities will start in some areas from April 23. Following this directive, work is being started on conditional starting today. About 5 percent of India's economy is resuming work.

According to the guidelines issued by the Central Government on April 17, food processing industries, cold storage, warehousing services, fish meal, processing, packaging, marketing, commercial aquariums, fishery products, fish seeds, tea, coffee, rubber, cashew processing, packaging, Milk collection processing, production and distribution of maize will begin. Which will speed up the country's agricultural sector. The vast majority of the country's economy depends on agriculture. So along with agriculture, the economy will start to spin again.

The government has also approved opening of data, call centers and IT offices. In addition, electricians, plumbers, motor mechanics, shipping, couriers, DTHs and cable service workers can also start their services.

Companies related to manufacturing industries like medical equipment, IT hardware, excavation, jute industry will also start working. The government has also relaxed the real estate sector. Approval to start construction on real estate projects and all industrial projects.

The e-commerce business will also be launched on conditional service. Earlier, however, the Center allowed e-commerce companies to sell various products like mobile phones, TVs, refrigerators in non-lockdown hotspots. But this time it has been clarified that nothing can be sold without the necessary items

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