Today, India occupied Sikkim ignoring China, know the short story of that history


Bengali Hunt Desk: Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states in India. Although this beautiful state had to struggle a lot to be included in India. Sikkim was recognized as the 22nd state of India on 26 April 1975 due to that conflict. Neighboring China, however, opposed the move. Since then, China and India have been at loggerheads over the northeastern states.

Indira Gandhi with the King of Sikkim

It may be mentioned that Sikkim came into existence in 1842 when Fungsong Namgyal was declared as the first Chogyal (King) of Sikkim. Namgyal was proclaimed king by three Buddhist monks. From there the royal family of Sikkim began. The Namgyal dynasty then ruled Sikkim till 333 AD.

Namgyal dynasty

After independence, all the kingdoms of India were annihilated in the country. However, it took another 26 years for Sikkim to be annexed to India. Note that Chogyal was not ready to be included in India. They wanted independence for Sikkim just like Bhutan. They used to say, we have made an agreement with India for independence. From the very beginning, the Namgyal dynasty demanded a separate state for Sikkim.

In the midst of Chogyal's efforts, on the morning of April 6, 1965, outside the Rajmahal in Sikkim, the sound of Indian Army boots was heard. The palace of Chogyal was surrounded by 5,000 soldiers. Then the shots went off. The guard of the palace was shot dead.

It took only 30 minutes for the Indian Army to capture the 243 guards deployed at the gate of Rajmahal. By 12:45 pm, Sikkim had lost its national title. Chogyal was kept under surveillance in the palace. On that day, BS Das, the then Municipal Commissioner of Delhi, received a phone call from Foreign Secretary Kebal Singh, asking him to meet him immediately.

Namgyal dynasty

BS Das reached Sikkim on 6 April on the orders of the Ministry of External Affairs. Das wants time to meet with Chogyal on April 9, but Chogyal agrees. The next day, Chogyal told BS Das, “I don't think Sikkim is like Goa. We are a separate and independent country. Don't try to put pressure on us. You have to act according to us. ”

Indira Gandhi, BS Das

BS Das went to India House on April 11 and asked, “What is the order for me only from Singh?” According to a BBC report, Das had no instructions about Sikkim at the time. It was just said that we will help meet the expectations of the people of Sikkim. The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi did not make any official promise. He did not even use the word Sikkim for India.

A referendum was then held in Sikkim, where 98.5 per cent people agreed to stay with India. Then on 23 April 1985, the Constitution Amendment Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha to make Sikkim the 22nd state of India. On the same day, the bill was passed by 299-11 votes. The bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha on April 26. Then on 15 May 1975, the then President Fakruddin Ali Ahmed signed the bill. After this the rule of Namgyal dynasty in Sikkim came to an end.