Tomorrow is Dharmendra’s elder grandson Karan Deol’s wedding, 4 superstars, 7 actors and 13 grandchildren in the family


Karan Deol Wedding: कल है धर्मेंद्र के बड़े पोते करण देओल की शादी, परिवार में 4 सुपरस्टार, 7 एक्टर और 13 नाती-पोते

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Karan Deol Wedding: deol family Right now it is time for happiness. Everyone is busy preparing to welcome the new daughter-in-law in the house. Tomorrow i.e. on June 18, Sunny Deol’s elder son Karan Deol will make his girlfriend his wife after marriage. Karan will give a new name to his love tomorrow. The entire Deol family is very happy with the marriage of Karan and Drisha. Everyone has already accepted Disha as a part of their house.

All the pre-marriage rituals have started. The videos of Sangeet Ki Sham are also going viral. Dharmendra was also seen swinging fiercely on the occasion of his elder grandson’s marriage. Papa Sunny also created mutiny in his son’s music. On the occasion of Karan’s marriage, there is a lot of discussion about Dharmendra’s family. Do you know that there are 4 superstars, 7 actors and 13 grandchildren in the family of veteran artist Dharmendra.

Talking about 4 actors, the names of Dharmendra, Sunny, Hema Malini and Bobby are included in this list. At the same time, Dharmendra has four children from his first wife Prakash Kaur. Two sons and two daughters. The actor has two daughters from second wife Hema. It is believed that both these families of Dharmendra keep distance from each other. Both the family members do not participate in each other’s happiness. Sunny and Bobby’s relationship with Hema Malini is not particularly good.

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On the other hand, Sunny and Bobby have nothing to do with their half-sisters either. It is also said that Heena and her daughters are not allowed to go to Dharmendra’s first family. It would be surprising to know that till date Prakash Kaur and Hema have not come face to face. Bobby has two sons. At the same time, Sunny Deol also has two sons. Hema’s younger daughter also has twin daughters. Now a new member is going to join this family.

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