Traffic Rules: Invoices are cut on these mistakes, you will get fat due to style


Traffic Rules: इन गलतियों पर कटते हैं चालान, स्टाइल के चक्कर में लगेगी मोटी चपत

Traffic Rules: Invoices are cut on these mistakes, you will get fat due to styleImage Credit source: Freepik

If you also travel daily with your personal vehicle, then this information is very important for you. Before taking the car on the road, you have to follow some such rules, if you ignore them, then you may have to suffer heavy losses. Not only walking but may also have to eat the air of jail. By the way, traffic rules have been made in India according to your convenience and need, which people do not follow because their style gets spoiled. one of the same bike rides Not wearing a helmet, driving the vehicle more than the prescribed speed, sitting on the bike with more than two friends are some of the rules that have been made for your safety, but people do not like to follow them for the sake of their style.

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Most of the challans are cut due to these reasons

Not wearing a helmet: Often people violate more rules in the pursuit of style. In this, youngsters should not wear helmet while riding on a bike as their hair will get damaged. If you ignore the safety of yourself and the people in front of you in order to save your hair, then it is a very expensive deal. The rule of helmet has been made so that there is no deep injury on your head at the time of any accident.

Not carrying documents: If you cannot carry a soft copy of the important document with you, then try to keep a copy of your document saved in DigiLocker on your phone. You can forget anything, but the phone is always with you, so if the documents are saved in it, they are also always with you.

If these documents are not done then the challan will be deducted

You must have driving license, pollution, vehicle insurance, PUC and RC with you in soft copy or saved documents in smartphone. Keep in mind that if it is valid, if any of these is not valid, then your challan may be deducted.

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