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The trailer of 'Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl' starring Jahnavi Kapoor has been released. The poster of this film was released last year. After a long wait, the trailer of the movie was finally released. The film will be released on Netflix on August 12 on the occasion of Independence Day.
This film is based on the story of Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena. She was also known as ‘Cargill Girl’. He received the Chakra of Valor for his heroism and bravery. Gunjan Saxena is the first Indian woman to go to the battlefield. Earlier, no Indian woman was allowed to go to the battlefield.
The trailer shows the buzz of dreaming of becoming a pilot from a young age. And as a first step in fulfilling that dream, he started trying to get the permission of his family members. Gunjan's father and daughter help him in this dream flight. He is the one who made Gunjan with training. However, the obstacle is to get him back to work. Gunjan has to prove himself by constantly fighting with men.

The trailer has been quite acclaimed among movie lovers. Jahnbi Kapoor as Gunjan Saxena has also garnered a lot of praise. Renowned actor Pankaj Kapoor has been seen in the role of Gunjan's father. The film also has several battlefield scenes. Looking at the trailer, it can be guessed that the movie is going to get a lot of success after its release.
Gunjan was tasked with airlifting Indian troops stranded in remote areas of the Kargil battlefield to reach their camps. At the same time, it was his responsibility to convey that information to the Indian army by observing the movements of the enemy army. He was able to do his job successfully due to his heroism, courage and extraordinary training.

This achievement is the first of its kind as an Indian woman. So she was given the title of 'Cargill Girl'. 'Gunjan Saxena: The Strong Kargil Girl' will be released on Netflix on August 12 on the occasion of Independence Day. Waiting to see how much Jahnavi is acceptable in the role of Gunjan in the film to the movie lovers.