Transparent black night dress, clear underwear, Mona Lisa is sleeping in an appealing avatar! Viral is the picture

Banglahant Desk: Monalisa alias Antra Biswas is one of the most popular actresses in Bhojpuri films. He is also very active on social media. His picture (photo) And dance videos are often viral on social media.

Though Bengali, Mona Lisa will be at the top of the list of bold actresses in the Bhojpuri film industry. He has so far acted in the web series 'Dupur Thakurpo' in Bengali. The second season of the web series became very popular thanks to Mona Lisa.

The actress got a lot of recognition in Bengal from that one series. His fame continues to grow. It has been a long time since Thakurpo ended at noon. But the Mona Lisa has not waned in popularity yet.

The Mona Lisa is quite active on social media. He also shares videos and pictures on his Insta handle. Recently, Mona Lisa shared some new pictures. And that is why Thakurpode fell asleep.

'Jhuma Baudi' has been captured on camera sitting on the bed in a black night dress. He has posed in different appealing poses one after another. Good morning to the fans.

A few days ago, Mona Lisa went to visit Goa. With the husband sold. Since then, the actress has been sharing one picture and video after another. These pictures are also of his Goa vacation. This hot avatar of the viral Mona Lisa at breakneck speed as soon as shared.

Mona Lisa also took the fourth vow to return to Mumbai from Goa. Seeing the moon in the evening from the waterless fast of the people of Bikranta, but the fast is broken. The Bangakanya also shared the photo of that day on social media.