Trapped in China's net, Sri Lanka remembered India, saying that this time we would only follow the “India First” policy.

Bangla Hunt Desk: Sri Lanka is getting a glimpse of what China is all about. Now they are saying that it was wrong to make a deal with Dragon. Trapped in China's net, Sri Lanka now understands the importance of India. It is to be noted that Sri Lanka has suffered a great loss by being deceived by China. And after so long they have understood this. And that is why Sri Lanka is now pushing to leave China and strengthen ties with India. From now on, they will follow the “India First” policy.

Sri Lankan Foreign Secretary Jayanath Columbus said Sri Lanka wanted to move forward with an adherent foreign policy this time. And they will adopt the “India First” policy in political and security matters. Speaking to a Sri Lankan TV channel, Jayanath said, “President Gotbaya Rajapaksa has said that we will adopt the 'India First' policy on politics and security.”

“We cannot and should not be political enemies of India,” he said. “We need to take advantage of opportunities from India,” he said. The President has made it clear that India is our priority when it comes to security. But for economic prosperity, we need to maintain relations with other countries.

Experts in the Asia case say that in the coming days, countries like Nepal and Bangladesh will also suffer. Because now they are in love with China. Columbus said Sri Lanka would protect India's political interests with its foreign policy. At the time, he also admitted that leasing the port of Hambantota to China for 99 years was our biggest mistake.

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