Trials on 6 drugs to fight corona are underway, cheap drugs will be available soon: CSRI Director General


BanglaHunt Desk: While we are waiting for Corona vaccine or medicine like Chatak, then the Director General of CSIR said one thing. Trials are going on on 6 drugs to fight against Corona, cheap drugs will be available soon: Director General of CSRI. During the lockdown of 36 laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the country's top scientific research institute against the deadly virus Covid-19, scientists are busy designing various researches and techniques. Dr. Shekhar C. Mande, Director General of CSIR, said that it was a misconception that corona was the only cure-all vaccine. It can be either a drug or a vaccine.

CSIR Lab is constantly monitoring the Covid-19 virus, what has been found so far, what is the situation?

We have three labs to monitor coronaviruses – the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (Hyderabad), the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (New Delhi) and the Institute of Microbial Technology (Chandigarh). Genome sequencing of the virus obtained from was performed. Among these, various strands of the virus have been found, but India has not yet found a definitive mutation. The clay that has been found proves that it reached India from Europe, Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia.

Does the vaccine only treat corona?

The goal is to have genome sequencing of one thousand virus samples by the end of May. CSIR will share this data with the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data. Genome sequencing not only helps to understand the source of the virus but also proves to be helpful in the process of making drugs or vaccines.

It is a misconception that this vaccine is the only cure for covid-19. It can be either a drug or a vaccine. Preliminary research on Covid-19 is increasing our comprehension.

Has CSIR found any drugs in Covid-19 or is there a drug trial going on?

CSIR has selected more than two dozen drugs for new use in the treatment of corona. In the meantime, trials of Microbacterium W have begun and trials of Favipirabi and HCQS have been allowed. Today, only two trials will start simultaneously at AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Bhopal and PGI Chandigarh. The patent has expired, so if the trial is successful, the drug will be cheaper.

Since these drugs are already in use, their molecules are safe. Therefore, they need limited testing. The country can get good news in a month or two. Apart from these three drugs, trials are currently underway on four indigenous drugs, AYUSH, Ashwagandha, Mulithi, Goodchi Pipli and AYUSH-44 (anti-malaria drug).

Is CSIR doing anything to create a vaccine?

CSII has funded projects to develop monochromatic antibodies, including the National Center for Cell Science-Pune, IIT-Indore, Predmix and Bharat Biotech. Under this project, an antibody will be prepared which will neutralize the virus in the body of the patient infected with Kovid-19 infection.

This plasma treatment, which was used successfully on some patients in a Delhi hospital?

Developing monoclonal antibodies differs from plasma treatment. In plasma treatment, the plasma of the cured patient is inserted directly into the body of the new patient. Antibodies in plasma may or may not neutralize the virus. However, antibodies that neutralize the virus in a monochromatic manner are detected and cloned. It is more effective. However, research on plasma treatment at CSIR's Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (Kolkata) is underway and trials have begun.

What contributed to the safety of CSIR lab equipment or medical personnel?

CSIR's National Space Lab has developed a PPE cover to protect medical personnel. Its technology was transferred to a private company in Bangalore and it is producing 5,000 covers every day. The production cover will be done every day from 15 to 30 thousand May. In this lab, BIPAP ventilators are made. Its technology is being sent for approval in one to two days.

Will the best paper testing kit come on the market in a month?

RTPCR is the most accurate for corona testing. In this, CSIR develops the technique of drawing samples. The tests will not be cheaper by 5 tests instead of 1 at a time but its accuracy has not been reduced. Second, we create a paper-based test kit called Feluda, whose technology has been transferred to Tata Sun. You can expect it to be available in the market in the next three to four weeks.