Trickster China's new strategy: Jinping government to build 2,000 km long wall on Myanmar border

BanglaHunt Desk: China continues to show violence in the border areas. After India, this time Myanmar has started showing its legitimacy on the border. Beijing has begun work on a 2,000-kilometer-long barbed wire fence along the Myanmar border. Although Myanmar's military opposes China's action, China is determined to move.

China is making barbed wire fences

In the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan, China has begun work on a barbed wire fence about 9 meters high and 2,000 km long. A spokesman for the Chinese government, the Global Times, claimed that the main purpose of the wall was to prevent entry into China from the Myanmar border. It is also learned that the barbed wire fence is being erected to prevent the opposition from fleeing China. China does not want its opponents to leave the country.

Myanmar has opposed

Myanmar's military, on the other hand, has strongly opposed China's move. They have even written letters to Chinese officials urging them to refrain from doing so. He also recalled the 1971 agreement, which stated that no structure could be built within 10 meters of the demarcation line.

America is also in danger

The United States has also expressed concern about China's grandfathering. According to the American think tank, the conflict in South Asia is going to intensify in the near future due to such behavior of China. The problem may become larger.