Trickster China's new strategy, warplanes deployed on the Gujarat border


BanglaHunt Desk: ‘The enemy of the enemy is my friend in words’, the trickster China (China) is advancing by adopting that approach. The war on the India-China border has been raging for a long time. Despite holding many meetings, China is reluctant to back down. Although India wants to come to an agreement, China continues to increase its power in the border areas. The Chinese government has also started building villages in various places along the border.

China has joined hands with Pakistan

Before the border dispute in eastern Ladakh subsided, the Chinese government, Jinping, resumed its form. China has joined hands with Pakistan, an enemy of India and an ally of China, to put pressure on India. The Chinese army is training to fight with the Pakistani army.

Together there will be combat training

The Chinese and Pakistani armies have joined hands to launch a simultaneous attack against India. Army training is also going on simultaneously. That is why the Chinese government has sent warplanes and large numbers of troops to Pakistani airports near Gujarat, India. The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has said that the Chinese Air Force has already boarded a Pakistan-bound flight to reach Pakistan's Volari to take part in the exercise of the practice Shaheen XI.

China and Pakistan are strengthening ties

China has further strengthened its friendship with Pakistan since it became embroiled in a border dispute with India. Pakistan and Pakistan will hold military exercises by the end of December to strengthen ties between the two countries.