'Trinayani' won the hearts by dancing to Bangla songs.


Banglahunt Desk: There are very few serial lovers who do not know Trinoyoni or Nayan, the main character of the popular serial Trinoyoni of Zee Bangla. The series started a few days ago and has already become quite popular. The TRPO is riding high. The person who plays the role of Trinayani is named Shruti Das (sruti das). The sweet girl has won everyone's heart in a few days.
In fact, Shruti is a resident of Katwar. Dancing was his meditative knowledge from a young age. He is also quite good at dancing. He taught dance from the age of 15 only. Recently, a video of her dance went viral on social media.

Wearing red and white sari, open hair. Shruti was seen dancing to the song 'Amar Vindesi Tara'. Netizens are fascinated by his dancing skills. DDO is already in the viral net world. The video has over 22,000 likes.
Shruti shared the video on her social media handle. Now that the shooting has stopped, he is sitting at home. And in this gap, the actress occasionally shared the video of the dance with the fans.

Shruti did not think at first that he would never come to the world of acting. Suddenly came to this industry. He came to Calcutta from Chakda after learning about the audition for the trilogy series. But the fatigue of such a long journey was evident in his eyes.
Shruti did not get a chance to audition that day. Katwa was forced to go back again. But at night a phone call changed his life again. He was informed that he was selected in the audition. After that, the visionary Trinayoni became the myth of Katwa.