Truck Floating Tires: Why are some tires in the air in the truck? this is the big reason


Truck Floating Tyres: आखिर ट्रक में कुछ टायर हवा में क्यों होते हैं? ये है बड़ी वजह

Truck Floating Tires: Why are some tires in the air in the truck? this is the big reasonImage credit source: Volvo

You all must have seen big trucks moving on the road, these vehicles play the most important role in carrying goods from one place to another across the country. Be it food, car, electronics or fuel. to travel long distances specials in trucks It is that they come with a lot of wheels and tyres. Some people also call them 18-wheelers. But have you ever wondered why some of the tires on these trucks are in the air? Can’t these tires be taken off? Today we will tell you the big reason behind this.

More tires are given in the truck because they work to carry a lot of weight, more than 4 tires are given to keep this weight balanced. The more tires a truck has, the more weight it can balance. Now you must be thinking that what is the use of the tires that remain in the air in the truck, why don’t you remove them and keep them?

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Why do truck tires stay in the air?

Actually the tires on both the sides of the truck are connected through AXEL. But the tires which are air in the truck are attached to the lift axle. In such a situation, when the driver feels that he needs those tyres, he can lower those tyres, after which the tires that remain in the air will also run on the road like the rest of the tyres.

Truck Tires Volvo Pic

Truck Floating Tires Photo: Volvo

What is lift axle?

Retractable axle or lift axle is a way in which the axle can be raised so that its tires do not touch the road surface. This improves fuel saving. This also reduces maintenance and tire wear and these tires can be jacked up or down as per the requirement.

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