Trump has expressed concern over Corona-infected British PM's hospitalization

Banglahunt Desk: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been hospitalized for seven days after a deadly virus spread from China to uhana. He was admitted to hospital on Sunday evening, local media reported.

According to reports in the Guardian, Boris Johnson, a coroner, was admitted to the hospital Sunday evening after rumors that his physical condition was deteriorating. But Downing Street says Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to the hospital only as a precautionary measure. Downing Street said in a statement that the Prime Minister had admitted to the hospital on Sunday night for consultation with the doctor. 'She has been admitted to the hospital as part of earlier precautionary measures since she had traditional symptoms seven days after the Prime Minister was diagnosed with coronas.

Corona was arrested on March 25 by the body of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He then went on self-isolation in a flat on Downing Street. Last Friday, Boris said he was feeling good but had fever.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the deadly coroner in the UK is touching nearly five thousand. So far, four thousand 3 people have died in the country suffering from coronas. Apart from this, the number of victims is 5,900. He was attacked almost ten days ago in Corona. Even though those days have passed, he still has symptoms in his body. So he was admitted to the hospital. A British government spokesman said he was admitted to the hospital for precautionary measures. Because even though those days have passed, his body is showing symptoms.

He will be kept in the hospital for examination. Although he will serve as the head of the British government. He is the first Prime Minister of any country to be infected with the virus. Earlier, the infection was diagnosed in the body of Prince Charles, a British royal family. He is now recovering.

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