Trump threatened to write a letter to the WHO, saying he had 30 days

BanglaHunt Desk: US President Donald Trump is taking a step forward by increasing new tensions with corona every day. Conflict between the United States and the World Health Organization (WHO) over the global epidemic coronavirus is growing. A few days ago, Trump was seen expressing his displeasure with Corona. Now US President Donald Trump has written a letter to WHO chief Tedros Gherbayes. Trump wrote in the letter that if the World Health Organization does not make major changes to its policies and agencies within the next 30 days, the United States will cut off its funding forever. Trump also wrote in the letter that the United States could reconsider its membership in the World Health Organization.

The reason for Donald Trump's anger

Donald Trump also wrote that the WHO should take a tough decision within the next thirty days, otherwise he would not be able to squander the tax money of his country's people as US President. Not only that, And not taking action with China, that's why the world is suffering Being let's me. And Trump has spoken about Corona in a low voice from the very beginning.

Complaints reported in the letter

In a letter written by US President Trump, he accused the WHO of ignoring all reports of the coronavirus from Wuhan in December 2019. In the meantime, Hu has been trying to change the situation in Corona from the very beginning.