Trump threatens Harvard University: 'Give money back, or you'll suffer the consequences'

BanglaHunt Desk: In the panic of Corona (COVID-19), Donald Trump demanded the return of the donation from Harvard University. The United States has announced a massive stimulus package to protect the economy from the spread of the corona virus. Of which ৮৬ 6 million has been given to Harvard University. Now the US President wants that money back.

America is now in a state of crisis due to the Corona epidemic. The death toll in the United States has exceeded 50,000. Millions of people are still infected with the virus. No US president has ever blamed China for the virus, let alone the WHO. This time, however, he demanded a refund from Harvard University. He said, ‘I want Harvard University to give this money back. But if they do not return the money, action will be taken against them. This means getting working class people. But I don't like the fact that they don't give money to rich companies. '

The Cambridge University responded by tweeting the US president's remarks, saying, “Last month, the US government announced a ০০ 2.2 billion package. From which the university got 6 lakh dollars. The students who were in financial crisis due to the corona virus have been helped with that money.

However, the US president did not say what action would be taken against Harvard University. Although corona is the leading cause of death in the United States, less than 500 people have died in a single day in New York for the first time in three weeks. Experts think that this issue is a bit optimistic.

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