Trump wants to hold a public meeting, ignoring the lockdown in the Corona crisis for elections

BanglaHunt Desk: The Coronation Virus has been the most affected by Donald Trump's country so far. So far, the death toll from the coronary virus (COVID-19) has been around 1 lakh and the death toll has exceeded 3,000. In this situation, the Trump government is seeking to lift the lockdown issued for its next election. That is why the difference between the governor of New York with the US president can be seen.

The Corona virus has spread throughout the world beyond China's Wuhan province. The virus is spread in the United States. About thousands of people are losing their lives every day. Lockdown status has been issued to protect citizens. In the midst of the crisis, Doland Trump wants to keep his image intact by the upcoming elections in November. That's why he wants to hold a public meeting to lift this lockdown.

Public meetings are an important issue for elections. But in the wake of the lockdown, the Trump government could not. That's why he wants to take the lockdown action from America. This led to a New York governor's disagreement with the US president. The governors of various states also went against Trump.

Trump said, 'The lockdown should take precedence over the country's economic system. Due to the lockdown, no meeting or rally can be held for the upcoming elections. So I want to remove the lockdown from the country because of being president, I have that power. '

Responding to Trump's remarks, the New York governor said, “He's not just the president of the country, the king. Now no action can be taken where citizens have difficulty. ' Trump wants to lift the lockdown to minimize the damage to the country's economic system for the lockdown. But the governors are demanding that the country be locked down in order to protect its citizens. There has been a dispute between the two sides over this. In the miserable state of the country, Trump is hoping that soon the country will be free from this crisis and he will be able to hold rallies for elections.

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