Trump's action against China for scattering corona, dragon facing loss of billions of rupees

Bengali Hunt Desk: US President Donald Trump has announced that he will take stern action against China and withdraw billions of dollars from the US stock fund from the Chinese stock market. Trump said his administration has begun the process of recovering billions of dollars in US pension funds from China. Trump's move will hurt China's stock market.

Earlier, the United States accused China of stealing intellectual property and information related to research. When Fox Business News asked Trump if the United States was withdrawing billions of dollars in pension money from the Chinese stock market? Then President Trump said work had begun.

Let me tell you, America is completely devastated by the Corona virus. About 1 million people in the United States have been infected with the virus so far. And the death toll has exceeded 6 thousand. US President Donald Trump has been blaming China for the virus from the beginning.

He even accused the World Health Organization of being biased on behalf of China and announced that it would stop funding them. He called the virus the Chinese virus, and said China had deliberately spread the virus around the world. Donald Trump also threatened to take appropriate action against them.