Trustee 'hot' MP Nusrat storms Netpara


BanglaHunt Desk: Trinamool (TMC) MP Nusrat Jahan is going through one new surprise after another. The actress MP has been winning the hearts of fans on social media in all her film careers and political careers. He is looking at the new photoshoot, video.

Whether it is a sari or a domestic casual pajama-top, Nusrat has the ability to turn fans around. All the time he loves to give some surprises. Nusrat has recently done some photoshoots with a very homely look. He has done a photoshoot at home with black pants, top and candlelight.

However, the tattoo peeking in the gap of the underwear gave a surprise. In a bold incarnation, Nusrat seems to have increased the mercury of warmth several times. The actress MP also gave a special message in the general photoshoot. “Those who are in love have no religion or caste,” he wrote. Whoever you are, whatever you do, stay in love. '

Recently, a video of Nusrat Jahan playing the guitar tune of 'Mohabbatein' starring Shah Rukh Khan went viral on social media. Kajal's black eyes, sweet smile on light pink lips, Nusrat made the video to the iconic tune of 'Mohabbatein'. Netizens are fascinated by the charming smile of the actress. They have filled the comment box with heart emoji. One commented, ‘Mar Dala’.

Before that, Nusrat made a funny video with a little one. The Hindi movie dialogue SittingNot in your own throat. At first he acted and pushed Khude away. After that, the actress pulled him close and showed her heartbeat with her hand.

On the other hand, seeing this incident of Nusrat, Khude is laughing and eating. However, it was not known who he was. Netizens also laughed and watched the video of Kutipati actress MP. This video has gone viral on Netdunia.