Trying hard to save TRP, removing Shayama and inserting another woman in Nikhil's life!

BanglaHunt Desk: The clash between Bengali television serials is eternal. There is a conflict over who will be ahead of whom in terms of TRP. Viewers are also eager to know which channel is ahead of others in terms of TRP.

For some time now, the TRP has been on the decline with the popular serial 'Krishnakali' by Zee Bangla. Even after bringing one turn after another, TRP could not be done as before. In fact, the audience has become annoyed with the monotonous screenplay. So this time the Krishnakali family is going to jump straight for 18 years.

The serial now shows that the fake Amrapali of Shyam has died. This Amrapali has played the role of Nikhil's wife in the absence of Shyam for so long. Amrapali also had a social marriage with Nikhil. However, when Shayama came, Nikhil gave him the condition to leave.

But when Shayama returned, Amrapali abducted her out of revenge. But in the meantime it is seen that Amrapali has died, the missing Shayama. The screenplay of this serial is going to go ahead for 16 years here. Shayama is now in Varanasi. He reached Varanasi in an unmanned vehicle at the time of the car accident.

Shayamar has also had a daughter. Like her mother, she is dark-skinned and sings good songs. But Shayamar doesn't remember anything from the past. On the other hand, Nikhil has become intoxicated due to the separation of Shayama. Not only that. There is another woman in his life.

Seeing this new promo, the troll has started once again with Krishnakali. The story is being lengthened by the audience's speech. As a result, the previous interest has been lost. Krishnakali makers did not get any benefit even after bringing a new twist to increase TRP. Viewers are now waiting for the grand finale of this serial.