Tulakalam America with agricultural law, the statue of Mahatma Gandhi is broken! The flag of Khalistan flew

Bangla Hunt Desk: The movement against the Farm Bill is also going on abroad. But anti-national organizations are taking advantage of this. Demonstrations in Washington DC against agricultural laws took an anti-India form. Khalistan separatists have smeared ink on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi by Sikh-American youths in support of farmers protesting against the recent agricultural law in India.

Thousands of Sikhs from around Greater Washington, Maryland and Virginia, as well as Sikhs from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina, rallied to the Indian Embassy in Washington DC on Saturday. They come together to show solidarity with the protesting farmers.

However, peaceful protests soon escalated into separatist violence. They fly Khalistani flags with anti-India posters and banners and say they represent the Khalistani Republic. During the protest, Khalistani supporters jumped on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and hung posters. All of them chanted anti-India and pro-Khalistan slogans. The Indian Embassy strongly condemned the incident.

The Indian embassy said in a statement that the statue of Mahatma Gandhi was damaged by Khalistani supporters on December 12, 2020 at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza in front of the embassy. The embassy condemned the violent and anti-India Khalistanis, saying it was highly reprehensible to damage the symbol of peace and justice in the name of protest.