Tumul commotion in Pakistan’s assembly! MLAs kicked and punched each other! Watch the video

Bangla Hunt Desk: Leaders of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf party clashed with each other inside Pakistan’s Sindh Assembly on Tuesday. The situation became so dire that the leaders even kicked and punched each other. Several videos inside the assembly in Pakistan’s Sindh province have gone viral on social media.

Note that this case starts with voting at one’s own will. Outraged party leaders said they would vote for the Senate in the Assembly elections, and the rest of the leaders turned the Assembly into a battlefield. The party’s three MLAs, Aslam Abro, Shahriar Shah and Karim Bakht Gabol, said they would vote in the Senate elections as they wished.

Aslam Abro complained that tickets were sold to Senate candidates for money and that he was not accepting Saifullah Abro and Faisal Babda as candidates. He made it clear that he would not vote as instructed by the party. Outraged at not voting for the PTI candidate, the party leaders called the three leaders dishonest and attacked them as soon as they entered the assembly.

The PPP leaders went to stop the PTI leaders who were involved in clashes among themselves. And then the case escalated further. The video shows how there were clashes inside the assembly. One leader even fell to the ground.