Turkey and Greece were devastated by the quake, with 800 injured and 22 dead

BanglaHunt Desk: A strong earthquake shook Turkey on Friday morning. The epicenter was reported below the Aegean Sea in western Turkey at 11.50 GMT. Which had a magnitude of 6.0 on the Richter scale. The quake caused tidal surges in the coastal areas. Greece has also been affected.

4 people have lost their lives so far

According to the Turkish Health Ministry, 22 Izmir residents have been killed and about 600 injured so far. It remains to be seen whether anyone is trapped under the rubble.

Houses have collapsed

It is learned that 20 houses in Izmir have collapsed as a result of the quake. Of which there are 6 houses in Beyarakli and Bornova districts. However, the amount of damage in Usak, Denizli, Monisa, Aden, Mughal is much less.

Vibration levels

The quake was felt along the Aegean coast of Turkey and in the northwestern Marmara region. However, the epicenter was reported below the epicenter, at 6.7 magnitude, according to the Turkish Presidency. But according to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake's magnitude was 6.0. No casualties were reported in the Turkish capital, Istanbul.

Panic spread throughout the area

According to sources, the news of the terrible earthquake has already spread to different parts of Turkey. The residents of Izmir are most terrified by this incident. At the time of the incident, panicked people left their houses and all of them rushed out to the streets. Houses have collapsed in different places, only smoke can be seen flying around. Even a multi-storey and complete ruin of central Izmir has been destroyed. Rescue work is underway.