Turkey has found a huge gold reserve, soon the GDP of different countries will be surpassed

BanglaHunt Desk: Turkey finds gold. Unimaginably and surprisingly, this huge amount of money came into the hands of Turkey. While working on a company's project, they dug up huge gold reserves, the value of which is much higher than the GDP of different countries.

Turkey's fortunes are about to change. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has discovered a huge gold deposit. As a result, Turkey's economic system will skyrocket. The gold mine has been discovered in Sogut in midwestern Turkey. The value of which is about 6 billion dollars or 44 thousand crore rupees. It is learned that it will still take 2 years to extract this gold from the mine.

Turkish Minister Fateh Donmez said in September that the country had already produced 36 tonnes of gold and set a target of 100 tonnes in the next five years. As a result, it is expected that the Turkish economy will recover in the near future as a result of this gold production.

Fahretin Poraz, head of Gabretas Fertilizer Production Agricultural Credit Co-operative, was the first to find this gold deposit in Turkey. The shares of this company have increased many times in the Turkish stock exchange company due to the gold trend. But this is how the Turkish government is using this gold – for the betterment of the country or for any terrorist activity.

Liberia has a GDP of ২ 3.29 billion, Burundi ৩ 3.18 billion, Bhutan ২ 2.53 billion, Lesotho ৮ 2.56 billion and the Maldives ৪ 4.8 billion. However, after the recovery of Turkish gold, the GDP of all these countries will exceed the GDP of Turkey.