Turtles hatching eggs, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Due to Corona, a large part of the world is virtually incarcerated. Pictures circulating on various social media sites suggest that nature is laughing openly as people are being held hostage. According to the usual rules of nature, dolphins, like wild deer, are shy.

Another video of wildlife roaming on social media has gone viral on Twitter, with videos showing hundreds of turtles roaming the beach as they lay eggs. Each turtle is drilling in the sand at a certain distance and preparing to lay an egg. A turtle party is spending a fearless day on the Nirbili beach. The video was reported to be Russianicular. Indian Forest Service worker Sushant Nanda posted the video.

In the caption he wrote, Away from the glare of Pandemic, our guests arrived by sea a bit late. The timing was perfect as the lockdown ensured no disturbances.2Mass nesting at Gahirmatha completed & is continuing at Rushikulya.Little less than 8 lakhs eggs have been laid till now, 6Cr eggs at our coast2

(Far from the glow of the epidemic, our guests arrived at the beach a little late. The timing was right because the lockdown did not cause any trouble, the lodging was completed, and the zodiac continued, with less than eight million little eggs still left).

Besides, the level of a.q.i in the capital city of Delhi has dropped significantly due to lockdown. The city of Delhi is the first in the world in air pollution. There, the volume of a.q.i has dropped below 38, which is very comfortable. Lockdown has reduced the record rate of nitrogen oxide in Delhi's air.

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