Twenty-year-old singer Maithili turns down Bollywood's tempting offer, insulting Hindu religion and state


BanglaHunt Desk: Twenty year old singer Maithili Thakur. This young singer has recently gained a lot of popularity by singing folk songs. Once again, he has made headlines. However, this time it is not the birth of his own song. On the contrary, Maithili has drawn the limelight towards herself for her big decision.

Maithili will not enter Bollywood. He turned down the offer to sing in Bollywood. That is the decision of this young singer. But what is the reason for such a big decision all of a sudden? It is learned that he has taken this decision after being very angry with Bollywood.

Maithili alleges that Bollywood is constantly insulting Hindu religion and the state. That's why he turned down some tempting offers. However, Maithili is not stopping her songs. He will continue to practice his songs including folk music. But he will never enter Bollywood. That is the decision of Maithili Thakur.

Ever since the matter came to light, there has been a flood of praise for Maithili on Twitter. Many have written that everyone should be proud of Maithili. He is ideal for everyone. Maithili has proved that money is not greater than culture, religion and ideology.

Incidentally, Maithili Tagore was born on July 25, 2000 in Madhubani, Bihar. Apart from Hindi, he can sing in several other languages ​​including Bhojpuri and Maithili. Like watching the number of Maithili fans on social media. Whenever a video of any of his new songs comes out, it goes viral on social media.