Twitter Kya Hai? – Know the complete information of Twitter in Hindi.

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Twitter is a social networking site on which anyone from celebrity can connect. If you If you have not created your account on Twitter, then let us know What is twitter Also, Twitter Par Account Kaise Banaye and Twitter Kaise Banaya Jata Hai remained till the end of the article for its complete information.

You can send your message by tweeting to anyone on Twitter. These days Social Media is helping people in many ways. If you want to give a special and small message to the whole world and any part of the society, then you can send it through Twitter.

List of topics

People from all over the world use Twitter. If you are thinking of being active on Twitter, then create a Twitter account soon. For this you will have to sign up Twitter and we have given complete information about Twitter Kaise Chalate Hain.

How to create twitter account

Twitter Account Kaise Banaen Follow these steps for this:

  • First go to http://Twitter.Com and sign up.
  • Enter your full name, phone number or email address, date of birth, and password.
  • Click Sign up for Twitter.
  • An SMS will also come with the code to verify your phone number. Twitter will be activated on your mobile device.

Twitter Kya Hai

Twitter is an online Social Networking site that microblogging. this Website But you can express your thoughts in some words which are 280 characters. In this, consumers express their views by post and that post is called Tweet. Apart from the post, you can also like, comment and retweet someone else’s tweet. We have given above information about Twitter ID Kaise Banaye, follow the steps given above for creating Twitter login Kaise Kare and Twitter new account.

Twitter Par Account Kaise Banaye

As of today, it has more than 15 million 20 million daily subscribers and more than 50 crore daily tweets. This yourself computer or The laptop But you can also use it as a website and can also use its app in your smart phone.

Twitter Ka Full Form

You definitely want to know what is the full form of Twitter? The full form of Twitter is as follows-

TWITTER – Think, Write Intelligent, Thoughtful Topics, Evaluate, Re-tweet.

Even you read what is called Twitter and Twitter Full Form, now know the complete information of Twitter.

Twitter Ki Puri Jankari Hindi Me

First let’s see who established Twitter and when was Twitter established? Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass and Biz Stone.

Who is the CEO of Twitter? The current CEO of Twitter is ‘Jack Patrick Dorsey’. So you will ask which country created Twitter? Twitter is created in San Francisco, California, United States.

Twitter Definition in Hindi, it would be that such a social media site on which you can express your thoughts or any news in a few words through tweet and can also know the free thoughts of others.

Now let’s see how Twitter works? On Twitter, you have to follow your friends, your favorite celebrity, a big celebrity. You can follow different logos and organizations as per your interest and preference.

You can read the tweet of the people you follow and the people who follow you will be able to read your tweet. Along with this, you can know about daily news, trading topics i.e. popular topic on Twitter and be aware about the country and the world.


Today, Twitter is one of the largest social media sites. New consumers sign up every day. Today people get more news here than on TV and newspaper. Know about the life of his favorite actor. And simultaneously reveal their free thoughts. So if you too want to enjoy this interesting social site, download the Twitter app today.

You have found his complete information in this article like what is twitter, meaning of twitter, twitter full form in hindi and information about twitter (like twitter in hindi) like who is the founder of twitter, twitter is the app of which country etc. So if you liked this article, then surely give it a review and share it.

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