Twitter will make it easier to lookup your DMs, at last adds DM lookup to Android

Can you visualize remaining equipped to in fact search Twitter to come across a conversation, in its place of just scrolling as a result of endlessly to hopefully discover what you are wanting for? That could be a reality for Twitter DMs in the near foreseeable future.

Initially off, the company’s eventually bringing a DM lookup bar to Android right now, practically two many years following it first appeared on iOS. Extra importantly, it’s likely to drastically increase how helpful that bar is by surfacing older conversations and even real words and phrases you have typed in those discussions someday “later this yr.” (At present, you can only look for for the names of the people you have spoken to.)

Frankly, I have almost never at any time bothered to try out Twitter search on cell, considering the fact that I’ve mostly been an Android person — and since Twitter’s cellular research doesn’t give you wherever around the electricity of Tweetdeck or Twitter’s innovative research on desktop world wide web.

Speaking of which, here’s an uncomplicated way to uncover your have tweets: fall in your internet browser, and see what you get. That’d be a nice feature on cell, way too.