Two Australian cricketers got involved in a thunderstorm

Bangla Hunt Desk: Australian cricketers have returned to the country after the IPL was closed halfway due to Corona. However, as the Australian air service from India is closed at the moment, the Australian cricketers will return to the country from Maldives first. And an unpleasant incident happened in this Maldives. Two Australian cricketers got involved in a fight.

Current Australian cricketer David Warner and former cricketer Michael Slater were known to be good friends. Despite being good friends with each other, the two Aussie cricketers suddenly got into a disagreement and got into a scuffle. Although both have denied the incident.

According to an Australian media report, the two had an argument in a bar in the Maldives and then got into a scuffle. However, Warner and Slater have completely ruled out this. “Don’t listen to rumors,” Slater said. Warner and I are both very good friends. We have no place to fight. ” Warner also denied the allegations, saying no such incident had taken place.