Two bulls entered the bedroom to fight! What happened then


An incident in Rishikesh has taken the social media by storm at the moment. Pictures of the incident are also being shared on social media. The people of Rishikesh are blaming the municipal corporation administration for the incident. According to them, the number of such animals is increasing due to the negligence of the administration

Ratan Tyagi, a senior journalist in Dehradun, said the incident was two days old. The gate of the house was open at the time of the incident. As soon as the two bulls fought, they entered the house. One person was injured in one of them.

When the bulls enter the house, the people in the house start making noises. Hearing the noise, the people in the neighborhood also ran towards the house, but before the people could come, two bulls and a cow came into the house. Everyone started fighting among themselves.

As can be seen in a picture that went viral, a bull was standing on a double bed in the bedroom. The film has gone viral in the net world. Discussions have already begun about the bull attack.