Two saints and drivers were beaten to death in Maharashtra, a storm of protest on social media


Banglahunt Desk: Corona panic in Maharashtra triggered a horrific accident. Two disciples died at the hands of villagers while attending the funeral of Gurudev. Villagers killed 3 persons on April 8 on suspicion of a thief in the dark of night in Maharashtra's Palghar. As the video of the murder went viral on social media, there was a rush of condemnation.

The Corona virus that causes panic around the world continues to spread throughout the world. Thousands of people are suffering from the disease every day and are losing their lives. In India, the number of Corona victims is jumping. However, India has reported the most coronary trauma and death in Maharashtra. The second round lockdown has been issued. Citizens have been banned from leaving their homes without an urgent need.

In this situation, on the 5th of April, 3 persons left by car to attend the funeral of Gurudev. In the darkness of the night the villagers detained their thieves and started beating. The three men lost their lives by beating the villagers. The video of the murder recently went viral on social media. Which is now spread all over the world. BJP leader Sambat Patar said two of the deceased were saints and one was the driver of their car. They were going to attend the funeral of Gurudev. In a tweet in response to the incident, he condemned the incident and provoked his anger. He also shared the video from his Twitter account. In the wake of the incident, lockdown also triggered intense tensions in Maharashtra.

Police have already arrested four villagers in connection with the murder. Three of the minors were held at a juvenile shelter home and four were held in police custody till April 5.

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