Two snakes are sitting on the tree waiting for help in the fear of heavy rain and flood! Watch the video.


Bengali Hunt Desk: Heavy rains in some parts of Karnataka over the past few days have led to floods in the area. Due to this heavy rain, not only the mango population, but also the lives of wild animals are under threat. Everyone is climbing trees or looking for a higher place to stay safe. The water level of the rivers is rising due to continuous rains in the state. And because of this many big dams have been opened. The opening of the dam has raised fears of floods in the villages along the river. Video of two snakes perched on a tree in the river amid fears of rain and floods is going viral.

This video shows the rising water level of the Tunga river in Dabnagar, Karnataka. The video shows two snakes taking shelter in a tree due to river water below and rain from above. Both snakes have taken shelter in the branches of the tree. Looking at the video and the condition of the snakes, it is clear that these two snakes are waiting for someone to come and rescue them.

The snake is sitting on the branches of two trees waiting for the situation to return to normal. This video is rapidly going viral on social media. News agency ANI released the video on their Twitter. Many people there are commenting like themselves. Everyone is praying for the situation in Karnataka to return to normal. Watch that video.