Two Wheelers Maintenance: Scooter-bike care will be easy, just have to do these things


Two Wheelers Maintenance: स्कूटर-बाइक की देखभाल होगी आसान, बस करने होंगे ये काम

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Whether a two-wheeler is new or old, taking care of it is very important. If you keep the bike and scooter well maintained, then their performance remains the same. This is a habit that will benefit you in the long run. not only from maintenance Bike And the life of the scooter increases, but the cost of running them also comes down.

If you also want that the life of the bike and scooter should be good and the mileage should also be maintained, then you have to pay attention to the maintenance. Today we have brought 10 tips for you, by following which you can take good care of your two-wheeler. So let’s look at these 10 tips.

10 Tips for Two-Wheeler Maintenance

  1. Engine Oil: You can consider engine oil as the blood of the bike. That’s why the level of engine oil should be checked from time to time. It is better to replace it when needed. Always use good quality engine oil.
  2. Oil Filter: The oil filter is also an important part of the two-wheeler. This should also be checked regularly. At the same time, the oil filter should be changed if needed.
  3. air pressure: The two-wheeler runs on the ground only through the tyre. That’s why check the air pressure level of the tire once a week. Apart from this, the condition of the tires should also be monitored.
  4. Chain Lubrication: A chain is required to run a two-wheeler. Lubrication is essential for the chain of a bike or scooter to perform its job efficiently. Good quality lubricant should be used on the chain.
  5. Clean and Dry: Bikes and scooters should be washed regularly. Do not leave them wet, rather clean them thoroughly with water and dry them. This will maintain the quality of the bike and scooter.
  6. Spark Plug: Spark plug is also an important part of a two-wheeler. For two-wheeler owners, it is important that the spark plugs should be changed as and when required.
  7. Brakes: If suddenly the bike or scooter has to be stopped in the middle of the way, then it is obvious that brakes will be required. So keep in mind that they should neither be too tight nor too loose. At the same time, brake pads should be changed regularly.
  8. Air Filter: Regular cleaning of the air filter is also necessary. If something gets stuck in it, the movement of air will be affected. This will consume more fuel and can also damage the engine.
  9. Battery: To maintain the performance of the two-wheeler, it is necessary to keep an eye on the battery as well. If needed, it should also be changed.
  10. Parking: The weather in India is hot for most of the time. That’s why always park the two-wheeler in the shade. Also, make sure that the place to park the two-wheeler is dry.

Most importantly, the two-wheeler should be serviced by a professional mechanic only. If you do not do this, then the risk of damage to the two-wheeler can also increase. By using these tips, you can keep the two-wheeler maintained in a great way.

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