Uber will provide electric cab service in these 3 cities, Blu will get tough competition


Uber देगी इन 3 शहरों में इलेक्ट्रिक Cab सर्विस, Blu को मिलेगी कड़ी टक्कर

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India’s Sustainable Mobility Did Direction In efforts To strength provided to do Of For cab service provider Recover Has taken a big decision. Let the company now It will focus on driving electric vehicles and for this it has joined hands with many big companies. Uber has also launched its Uber Green service as well, let us know when this service of the company is starting and which cities will get its benefit first.

What is Uber Green?

From June through Uber Green, users will also be able to book electric vehicles for their rides in these cities. This means that Uber will run electric vehicles in India.

uber green service will start in these three big cities from june

Uber’s electric cab service is starting from June 2023, but now the question must be arising in your mind that in which cities the company is going to start this service first. For the information of the people, let us tell you that the company will start its Uber Green service in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru from the next month i.e. June 2023.

Uber will have green cars in 125 cities of India

Uber India Vice President Andrew Mcdonald told that the company has decided to use only green cars in about 125 cities of India. Uber has partnered with several different companies for EV financing and EV charging infrastructure.

Joined hands with these companies for 25 thousand vehicles

To provide electric cab service, the company has joined hands with companies like EV Fleet Partner Lithium Urban Technology, Everest Fleet Pvt Ltd and Moove. The company is aiming to connect 25 thousand electric vehicles to its platform in the next two years.

Partnership with this company for electric two wheeler

Not only this, Uber has joined hands with Zypp Electric for this campaign and by 2024, 10,000 electric two wheelers will also be launched. Let us tell you that the company has joined hands with SIDBI for EV financing of Rs 1000 crore.

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