UN countries have begun to demand tougher action on China

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus (COVID-19) has caused panic all over the world. Already, about 12,000 people have died from the disease. At present, several countries have been vocal in protesting the disease caused by China (Chaina). Recently, a case has been sued by the International Council of Jurists in London for human rights in the name of China. They also claim that Beijing wants to prove itself stronger by creating the disease.

ICJK Principal Order C Agarwal said, “The whole world is mad at China for not reporting the Corona virus to the world and not providing remedies for it.” As a result, the whole world has witnessed an economic downturn. Millions of people are currently unemployed in India and various countries of the world. Although the virus is spread all over the world, why not spread the virus everywhere in China?

He claimed to the Human Rights Organization in Geneva that China, Wuhan and their army were responsible for the spread of the Corona virus. Due to this the pandemic has been created all over the world. Agarwal demanded from UNC Charsi that China should apologize to the whole world and India for spreading the deadly virus. This is not the first time that many times before, China has endangered the entire world, including India, for its misdeeds.

In this crisis, the entire country of the world is united and fighting the Corona virus. Even in conjunction with India, many countries are looking for a cure for the virus. Earlier, the American president called the virus a sugar virus. But China disobeys it. On the contrary, China claims that the US has spread the virus to China through its army. In this way, the country is becoming increasingly vocal in protesting against China.

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