Unbeknownst to everyone, the Chinese app Snack video is going viral in the country just like Tiktok


BanglaHunt Desk: A few months ago, India banned 59 Chinese apps due to the conflict between China and India. India alleges that these Chinese-made apps are stealing the personal information of the Indian people. But even after that ban, another Chinese-made app is growing in India again. Name snack video.

The Chinese snack video is a lot like a tick. It is also a short video making platform. Many of the benefits of TickTock, including Leap Sync, are present on this platform. After the ban on tick tack, snack video is increasing without anyone noticing. About 50 million people have already downloaded this app. The China app is built by Queshou Technology. Those are considered as a big tech company in China.

Incidentally, the French government has recently accused Bittick of stealing the personal information of its citizens. It is learned that the first allegation against Bitdance was made in May CNIL then began an investigation to investigate the allegations. According to sources, the French government will take strict action against Tiktok if the allegations are proved. In addition to France, several countries in the Netherlands and the European Union have launched an investigation against Tiktok.

On June 29, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to ban Chinese apps. These apps were banned using Section 69 of the Information Technology Act and a notification was issued by the government stating that these Chinese apps are dangerous to the country's sovereignty and security.

Then, like India, America also walked the path of closing the Chinese app. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also told the media. Earlier, in an interview, he said of India's app ban, “We welcome India's ban on certain mobile apps.”

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